About Us


It is a company that has been operating for over twenty years in the construction and maintenance of equipment for Luna Park.

In all these years the company has managed to combine experience and technology to its customers always ensuring maximum efficiency, customization of products and high differentiation of the attractions.

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Efficiency, quality and customization have always distinguished the company and allowed the same to build a solid foundation and become a leader in the field of entertainment.

Currently Carpenteria del Sud, led by the family Belliotti, is among the most entrepreneurial established in southern Italy and is a reference point for the giostrai not only in Italy but also abroad.

Excellence and Professionalism 


Almost 50% of its production is in fact allocated each year for export and its attractions are now present in the playgrounds of the various countries of the world to give to the children many smiles and owners of rides the reliability and quality of the equipment. The values ​​of the founders and innovation of young people provide a summary of the past history, present and future of this company.

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